These Countries are Opening Up for Tourists this Summer

These Countries are Opening Up for Tourists this Summer

June 3, 2020 | By Go Galavant


The world is slowly coming out of hibernation as COVID-19 cases and fatalities are on the decline. In an effort to jump-start their economies and get back to some semblance of normal, countries are reducing restrictions and opening their borders for tourism. 

The US State Department and CDC haven’t downgraded their travel warnings and travel guidelines in this age of Coronavirus are ever-changing. Before booking a trip,  know what the requirements are to enter a country and exactly what will be open once you get there.

It takes some detective work to figure out which countries are open for international tourists and if that includes tourists from the United States. Here’s a snapshot of countries that are projected to open for US tourists starting this summer. 

North America

The Quintana Roo areas of Mexico are projected to be open for international travelers, including Americans, by mid-June. Los Cabos in July. The land border will remain closed until at least July 21, but air and sea travel are open. The same goes for Canada and all travelers are subject to a 14-day quarantine.


On July 1st European nations are opening up for nonessential travelers from select countries- the US isn’t on this list. The EU will review the list every two weeks based on the stats of how each country is handling the pandemic

Greece is welcoming tourists from all over starting June 15th with mandatory COVID-19 testing and 14-day quarantine if you’re coming from outside of the EU. Iceland, with a mid-June opening date, is implementing a similar protocol, but it’s a compulsory COVID-19 test OR 14-day quarantine.

Serbia is open to all travelers with mask requirements only in certain closed spaces.


Although countries on the Continent haven’t been hit as hard as European nations and the United States, most nations remain close to international travel. Countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and  Ghana were swift with preventive measures, and vow to not open their countries until they deem it safe. 

Seychelles is open to what they’re calling “high-end tourists”. Only visitors traveling on private jets and chartered flights, and who will be heading off directly to remote island resorts, will be allowed in. 

Tanzania seems to be open according to a Facebook video, and international flights are no longer suspended.


Thankfully most islands in the Caribbean have a great handle on COVID-19 with some reporting no new cases over the last few days. Most islands are now open for tourism, even American tourism. Lockdowns have been lifted and curfews are fading away.

Barbados plans to open to American tourists on July 12, with commercial flights starting up around the end of the month. In Barbados, you have the open of coming with your own negative test results or taking one there and quarantining for a couple of days until you get the results.

According to the Bahamas Tourism Board, visitors will need to apply for a Health Visa. Part of that process will be uploading negative COVID-19 test results no more than 10 days old for people arriving between July 1 – 6, and no more than 7 days old for people arriving on or after July 7th.

Aruba is slated to welcome US visitors on July 10th with negative COVID-19 test results or prepayment for a test once there.

Belize is set to welcome tourists back August 15th with negative test results no more than 72 hours old from the time of departure. You’ll need to download the Belize Health App before boarding your flight, probably for tracing and tracking purposes.

As part of the island’s responsible four-phased reopening plan, Puerto Rico will formally reopen for in-bound tourism on July 15, at which point, travelers with a negative COVID-19 test will be welcomed to the island.

In Turks & Caicos restaurants are opening July 6, and they’re aiming to allow US citizens in on July 22.

Many other island are already open and have specific entry protocols:

St Lucia 

Antigua & Barbuda

US Virgin Islands



You’ll have to wait until at least September to visit the Cayman Islands 

Central & South America

Apparently, Nicaragua never closed with all activities going on as usual, but we’re not seeing any flights to this country on Google Flights.

Costa Rica is has extended its ban until August 1st, when it will evaluate travelers’ entry by country. August 31 is the date that Colombia plans to accept international flights, with Argentina banning all flights (domestic & international) until September.

Asia & The Middle East

Cambodia is currently open but visitors are required to provide negative COVID-19 test results, pay for another test upon arrival, provide proof of health insurance, and self-isolate for two weeks.  If someone on your flight there tests positive all arriving passengers on that flight will have to quarantine for 14 days at a location chosen by Cambodian authorities.

French Polynesia will open to US tourists on July 15th with negative test results no more than 72 hours before departure. Travelers may also be randomly tested up to four days after arrival

The popular Maldives will open its uninhabited islands starting July 15, with the inhabited islands opening August 1. 

Dubai is allowing foreign travelers to enter starting on July 7th. Your negative test results can’t be more than 4 days old and you’ll need to download their health app

Thailand may open in September but no formal plans have been announced yet.

Visitors looking to go to Bali for the first time or return to the place they love to visit will have to wait until October for Indonesia to open up.

Kayak has a world map that they update with restrictions by country

If you’ve recently traveled internationally or you plan on doing so soon, here are the requirements for your reentry into the US.



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