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  • Gentle Giants Expedition



    8 Days

    March 6-13, 2021

    From $2,795

    Humpback whales, grey whales, blue whales, whale sharks, sharks, sea lions, and so much more, all in one Girls That Scuba group trip. Baja, Mexico is known for having the greatest concentration of migrating marine mammals in the entire world – and there is only one month of the year you’ll get the chance to see all of this in one action-packed adventure. By joining our GTS group trip, in collaboration with Dive Ninja Expeditions, you will have front row seats to the action!  This trip only requires snorkeling & free diving, so no diving experience needed.

    During this special time of year, we’re able to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. New mothers nurse and care for their calves. Male humpbacks put on an amazing show as they search for new mates – breaching out of the water in a thunderous splash. Curious grey whales poke their heads out of the water only inches from the boat to say hello. And gigantic blue whales cruise the seas. Whether you’re a diver or non-diver this will be the trip of a lifetime.

    For this trip, you’ll travel through Cabo San Lucas, Bahia Magdalena Loreto, and La Paz to experience a Pelagic Safari looking for humpbacks and sharks, tour with the grey whales, have a full day for a blue whale/fin whale watching tour, free dive/snorkel on the reefs of Loreto, and swim with whale sharks and sea lions.



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