5 Ways to Sneak Some Pleasure into Your Next Business Trip

5 Ways to Sneak Some Pleasure into Your Next Business Trip

May 6, 2020 | By Marie Cyprien

Traveling for work can sometimes be stressful and take up more of our personal time then we’d want to admit. There’s the preparation, travel time there and back, and of course, the all-day work that can happen when you’re practically living with your coworkers. BUT, there ways to take advantage of this travel and end up with a mini-vacation.

Here are a few tips to help you mix a little pleasure into your next business trip.

Extend Your Trip

If your business meetings end on Thursday, you can arrange a “remote work” situation for Friday so that you can extend your stay through the weekend. Once your work is done on Friday you’re free to roam about the city. For expensing purposes, most companies don’t care when you fly back, so you won’t have to pay for airfare at all. Of course, you’ll have to pay for your accommodations for the extra nights. Or you can take advantage of our next tip and have an airfare and accommodations free mini-vacation.

Reach Out to Friends/Family in the Area

Check to see if there are any people you know who live where your business trip is. You may be able to squeeze in a lunch or dinner with them or stay with them if you can extend your stay. They’ll also be able to guide you to the best places to eat in the area and keep you in the know if there are any special events going on.

Allow for Some Exploration

If you have the option, you might want to consider staying at a hotel that’s a little further away from the event/main meeting place. That way, you’ll have more opportunities to explore the city on your way to work. You may find some interesting places to eat or activities to do.

Take Part in Planning the Activities

All work and no play makes… well, you know the saying. If you’ll be doing activities, outside of regular meetings, with clients or coworkers, take part in the planning of these activities so you can work in some that are of interest to you. Is there a play going on that you wanted to see, a jazz night happening, or some cool outdoor sports complex that you want to visit? Clients and coworkers are people too, so more times than not, they’ll be up for some non-work related activities. This will help you make more personal connections with your clients or coworkers and will definitely bring more pleasure to your business trip.

Volunteer to arrange the meals

In the same vein as planning the activities, put yourself in charge of picking the locations for meals. Of course, you’ll need to take other people’s dietary restrictions into consideration, but you’ll have the opportunity to dine at places where you’re interested in the cuisine. Research several places in advance so you have a few options to choose from, on the fly, if necessary.

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