7 Reasons to Take a Group Trip for Vacation

7 Reasons to Take a Group Trip for Vacation

May 8, 2020 | By Nathan Holman

There are so many decisions to make when planning a trip, especially when traveling abroad. Where to stay? What to do? What not to do? How much to spend? How to get around?

By joining a fully packaged, guided group trip for your next vacation, you could reduce research and planning time, save money, and possibly have a better experience — and there’s more. Here are seven reasons to consider group travel for your next trip.

1. Save time and effort

Planning your own trip requires hours upon hours of online searches, e-mail correspondence, and telephone calls — and you probably won’t have 100% confidence in your decisions. Group trip companies are experts when it comes to planning vacations. They have valuable experience working in certain regions and can provide assistance that you may not consider on your own, like visa processes and laws and restrictions that may affect your travels. Let them do the planning and all you have to do is show up to have a great time.

2. Flaky friends are no longer an issue

We’ve all been there. You send out plans for vacation, everyone’s excited to go, but when it comes time to book you find yourself making the dreaded decision: Go alone or keep waiting for your friends to book? If you’re worried about traveling alone and can’t find friends to join you, group trips are the perfect option to keep your travel plans while having the comfort of traveling with others. So why wait for friends to commit to a trip? Group trips allow you to take off when you’re ready with a built-in support system.

3. Do what you do — with others

Today’s group trip companies are very different than ones of the past and are targeted to an array of different travel interests. With minimal effort, you can find pre-planned trips that are specific to your interests. Perhaps this includes a cooking class in Morocco, dancing the night away at a masquerade ball in Haiti, or even taking a detour from “me time” and giving back by helping children for a day in Columbia. The possibilities are endless and the probability of finding a trip with activities that interests you are high!

4. Travel with like-minded people

By being a part of a group trip based on your travel interests, you’ll find yourself bonding with like-minded travelers — ones you’re likely to maintain friendships with even after the trip. To help ensure the best possible experiences, some of today’s group trip companies carefully curate their groups of travelers to ensure a fun and memorable travel experience for all.

5. People when you want- none when you don’t

If you’re used to planning vacations yourself or even taking solo trips, you’ll find that most group trip operators bake in a good amount of “free time” so you have the option to explore or relax on your own. But if you need someone to help with an impromptu beach photoshoot, you’re sure to find a willing participant amongst your group of travelers, turned friends.

6. Experts have insider secrets

Sure you can use TripAdvisor or Google Reviews to find the best places to eat, but what’s better than a recommendation from someone who’s planned numerous trips to the same place and received feedback from a lot of travelers?! Group trip operators can steer you away from the touristy areas and to more local, authentic places. You might even find yourself participating in an excursion that you hadn’t known to look for. And if touristy is your thing, they probably have some connections to get you into that attraction faster or restaurant easier than if you tried yourself.

7. Buying Power

As with most things, you’re likely to be given certain discounts the more you spend. This rings true with group trips especially when it comes to accommodations and excursions. Want to go sailing on a yacht around the islands of Seychelles? Given the costs for renting the boat and crew, It’s highly likely that you’re going to need more than a few others to split the costs with. Or, you can have someone else work that out on your group trip and just show up in your finest island-hopping attire.

Ready to join in a group trip? Click here to find one that’s right for you.

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