Follow these Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

Follow these Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

June 8, 2020 | By Leah Freeman-Haskin

Traveling is a quick way to interrupt your at-home routine. If staying fit is a goal, don’t let weeks of hard work go to waste just because you hit the road. Although staying fit and keeping a healthy routine may be more difficult when on vacation or traveling for work, there are a few easy ways to motivate yourself to stay on track. Have a plan, travel prepared, and set aside time to make working out a priority. Here are some tips to keep that healthy promise to yourself no matter where in the world you land.

Have a Plan

Before you leave home, put a plan in place. Find out if your hotel has a gym, offers fitness classes, or has reliable Wi-Fi to connect to online classes. If you like to work out in the mornings at home, make that your workout time while on the road. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your workouts are shorter or don’t feel as intense. Give your body time to adjust to the fatigue that comes with travel as well as things like jet lag and stress from being on the go.

Get Online Support

If you need a little support with your workout routines, check out YouTube and Beachbody on Demand for streaming fitness workouts. From Pilates to kickboxing, the two online platforms have options for every type of routine. Do some research before you leave so you are ready to go when you arrive. It’s easy to make excuses if you find yourself unprepared.

Bring Supplies

If your accommodations don’t offer a gym or you prefer to work out alone in your room, be sure to pack your favorite workout supplies. From jump ropes and yoga mats, there are plenty of easy-to-pack supplies to give you an effective on-the-road workout.

Taking your workouts outside is a great way to see the local scenery. Grab your supplies and find a patch of grass, sand, or pavement on which to break a sweat. Another option is to skip the local bus or taxi and instead walk or run to attractions, allowing you to explore your destination while burning a few calories at the same time.

Find a Workout Buddy

Sometimes the best motivation can come in the form of a friend with similar goals. If you are traveling with family or friends, find someone in the group who is up for working out with you and sticking to a healthy routine. If you are traveling solo, virtually stay connected to a workout buddy from home to keep each other motivated. From your food choices to completing your workouts, staying fit with the support of others can do wonders for motivation.

Make Healthy Choices

Vacation is a great time to be a little more relaxed when it comes to what you eat and drink, but never at the cost of your health. Splurge in moderation while still making healthy choices when possible. Don’t sabotage all of your at-home efforts with a series of bad decisions. Allow yourself a splurge or two, while otherwise, sticking to your at-home routine. Healthier choices will leave you feeling more energized and present when exploring the landscapes and attractions at your new destination.



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