What to Pack in Your Coronavirus Travel Kit

What to Pack in Your Coronavirus Travel Kit

July 13, 2020 | By

If you’re a frequent traveler, COVID-19 has made the ability to travel more restrictive. If you plan on braving The Rona, consider traveling with a Coronavirus travel kit to keep yourself prepared and safe. Here’s our recommendation on what to pack based on what’s required of you while traveling and what you’ll want to have handy.

What’s required and what will be provided

Airlines in the U.S. 

Every airline in the US, except Allegiant Airlines and Sun Country, now requires that masks or coverings be worn over the mouth and nose during check-in, the boarding process, and the flight. The only time it can be removed is during eating and drinking, or if emergency oxygen is deployed.  Some airlines like American Airlines are providing care kits that include disposable masks and hand sanitizers.


While policies surrounding the pandemic are still being developed at hotels around the world and will vary across the board, it’s safe to say that your lodging experience will be different than you’re used to. You will have to keep a distance of 6 feet from employees and have on a mask or face-covering in public areas. Hotels are also offering contactless check-in to limit the number of touchpoints, so it helps to make sure you have all necessary apps on your phone before arriving. Hotels like the Marriott are also installing hand sanitizer stations by entrances and near the front desk. They will also be placing “sanitization kits” that contain cleaning wipes for guests to use in their rooms. 

What to Pack in Your Travel Kit

Now that the requirements and what will be provided for airports, airlines, and hotels are established, you know what extra goodies you’ll need to travel with. 

An important item to have in your COVID-19 travel kit is a couple of extra masks/face coverings. If masks are hard to come by, bandanas or scarves are good substitutes, and if you use a scarf large enough it can double as a cover for those cold flights. While we’re on the subject of face coverings, mask breath is a thing so throw a few mints in your travel kit as well. 

There may be face-covering protocols at your destination so having a reusable mask and washing nightly can save you from running out of disposable one.  

Soap and hand sanitizer are next on the list. Soap may come in handy when using public bathrooms in airports, airplanes, restaurants, or attractions. For a quick cleanse or when a full sink situation isn’t available you’ll be glad you packed hand sanitizer. TSA is now allowing up to 12 ounces of this liquid in your carry on baggage.

As airlines are reducing food and drink services, bringing your own snacks will be important in preventing you from having to talk over your stomach growls. Be sure to pick up snacks that will survive temperature changes and long trips-granola, hard fruit, trail mix, etc. And don’t wait until you get to the airport to stock up as many stores within airports are closed or have limited hours of operation. 

Other helpful items to have in your travel kit are: 

  • A blanket for traveling on an airplane, so you don’t have to use one that the airline provides
  • Disposable gloves for when you absolutely need to touch high contact areas such as bathroom or car doors
  • Disinfecting wipes as you’re on the go during your trip. You can wipe down seats, remotes, doorknobs, or lampstands

If all these cleaning precautions have you worried about an overload of chemicals in your system, here are some natural alternatives to these products: 

 If all else fails, opt for one of these and you’ll be good to go!



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