Top Debit Cards to Use Around the World

Top Debit Cards to Use Around the World

July 27, 2020 | By Leah Freeman-Haskin

From foreign transaction fees to ATM fees, bank account charges can add up quickly. If you’re planning your next international trip, having the right debit card can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Here are the top four debit cards to consider for your next trip, so you can use every penny of your hard-earned dollars for adventure and exploration.

1. Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account

 If you travel often, this debit card is a great option and has impressive international benefits- offering zero fees on your checking account and zero ATM fees for international transactions. There are also no conversion fees if you withdraw funds in another currency. If you use your card at an ATM outside your bank’s network, Schwab will also refund that fee to your account. Schwab Bank does not require a minimum balance or opening deposit requirement to get started, but there is a catch – you have to link your account to a Schwab One brokerage account. However, there is no requirement to leave money in the brokerage account, as long as it’s open, you’re good to go.

In Summary:

  • Zero fee checking account, including ATM fees and international transactions
  • No currency conversion fee
  • Reimbursement for any fees charged by ATMs outside of the bank’s network
  • Must link a Schwab One brokerage account to your checking account

2. Capital One 360 Checking Account

The Capital One 360 Checking Account comes with a debit card and many perks. Some of the highlights include zero foreign transaction fees when you use your debit card abroad, no service fees, and no minimum opening deposit or ongoing balance requirement. Their easy-to-use app allows you to locate a Capital One or Allpoint ATM near you anywhere in the world, so you won’t have to pay any ATM fees for withdrawals or bank transactions. You can also earn 0.2% APY on your balance.

In Summary:

  • Zero service and foreign transactions fees
  • No minimum opening deposit or ongoing balance requirement
  • Easy-to-use app to locate ATMs around the world
  • Earn 0.2% APY on your balance

3. Fidelity Cash Management Account

With this account, you receive a Fidelity Visa Gold Check Card. This debit card is a great option for international travel due to its network of more than one million ATMs worldwide, zero ATM fees, and reimbursements on ATM fees charged by other banks. The account also boasts no pesky monthly fees, EMV technology for added fraud protection, and travel and emergency assistance. But it’s important to note you will be charged a 1% foreign transaction fee for transactions made outside of the country. Lastly, there is no minimum monthly balance requirement to keep your account open.

In Summary:

  • More than one million ATMs worldwide
  • Zero ATM or monthly fees
  • Reimbursement on ATM fees charged by other banks
  • EMV technology for added fraud protection
  • Travel and emergency assistance
  • 1% foreign transaction fee 

4. SoFi Money

SoFi Money made our list due to their no fee policy: no ATM fees at over 55,000+ Allpoint® ATMs worldwide, no account fees, no minimum balance fees, no overdraft fees, no transaction foreign fees. That’s pretty impressive.  Another added benefit is SoFi offers a cashback program on monthly deposits and certain purchases.

In Summary:

  • No ATM fees within the Allpoint® network
  • No account fees, no minimum balance fees, no overdraft fees, and no foreign transaction fees
  • A cash management account earning you interest, with zero fees
  • Cashback rewards on select purchases

Finding the right card greatly depends on the type of traveler you are. Contact the bank directly to learn more about these options and to discuss your travel plans before making a selection.



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