Five Tour Operators to Trust with Your Next Family Vacation

Five Tour Operators to Trust with Your Next Family Vacation

August 10, 2020 | By Nafeesah Allen

Have you ever tried to craft an itinerary that keeps the kids busy without boring the adults? Better yet, good luck finding a hotel that is child-proofed and still luxurious enough for your mother in law! Suffice it to say that family trip planning is not easy.

But, there are expert tour companies that are up to the task. They think about the needs of everyone in your group and offer options to cater to every whim. Using one of these 5 operators is sure to take that heavy burden off your plate, so that you too, can kick back and relax during your next family vacation.

Tauck Bridges’ all-inclusive vacations remove the stress of deciding which restaurant will have booster seats and filet mignon. They tailor their packages to meet the needs of each member of your traveling party. And when we say details, we don’t just mean who has a peanut allergy. We mean, what time does everyone want their breakfast, what route is best for mom and dad’s morning run and a stop for the best local coffee, and where the grands can enjoy sunset gin and tonics. These trips are customized from soup to nuts, and families have accompanying tour guides who will make sure that no one goes hangry.

Classic Journeys’ 2020 lineup of family-friendly destinations is not your garden variety slate of Disney vacations. Just picture your parents and kids in Cuba, Iceland, or even the Galapagos Islands. These are trips to remember! Their specialty is bringing history into the vacation experience so that your bookish dad and your curious teenager can both see social studies lessons come to life. They focus on sparking curiosity among everyone in your group, from the budding marine biologist to the beach bum. Classic Journeys has everyone’s interests covered, in the most interesting destinations you can imagine.

It’s hard enough to plan a resort vacation, but it is an entirely different feat to find hiking trails suited for the walkers, runners, hikers, and lazy bones in your brood.  REI Adventures will plan an itinerary that will keep your group immersed in outdoor activities that are appropriate for the abilities of every member of your traveling party. Better still, they plan for everything – weather changes, animal sightings, and lost trekkers. Whether your family wants a 5-day trip to Yellowstone National Park or a 2-week retreat in Tanzania’s Safari parks, families of nature lovers can’t go wrong with REI. 

As activist parents know, vacations to unfamiliar places can challenge your ability to stick to normal spending habits and ethical consumer principles. Intrepid Travel prides itself on ethical business practices that support sustainable tourism, human rights, local communities, and wildlife preservation.

This means you won’t have to be the bad guy who tells your kids that they can’t go to the lion park or who chides your elderly parents for choosing the elephant ride over a walk up the hill. These activities don’t sync with Intrepid’s mission, so they don’t offer visits to these kinds of establishments and they take alternative routes to avoid animal cruelty. So, if you want a break from planning and not being eco-conscious – support this operator that does that important work for you. 

Thomson Family Adventures is last, but certainly not least. They have over 20 years of experience with family travel and, boy, can you tell! They have thought of every type of family trip possible – from family reunions to solo parents – and they know how to make travel carefree for any possible configuration. While other tour operators might make you sweat if Aunt Bertha drops out and cousin Tony joins the trip on the third day, Thomson’s policy of no deposits for new bookings and its guarantee to have no trip minimums means that “once your family books a trip, you’re going!” They will figure out how to make it work if there are last-minute changes – and with family, of course, there will be many.



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