5 Tips to Have the Best Babymoon

5 Tips to Have the Best Babymoon

September 14, 2020 | By Nafeesah Allen

If a honeymoon is meant to celebrate that lovely stage between being a fiance and being a spouse, a babymoon celebrates that transformation from being an expecting couple to being parents of a newborn. The joyful pre-baby vacation usually takes place between 3 -7 months along in a pregnancy, and it can be a sorely-needed opportunity 

Whether it is your first or fourth baby, you’ll want a restful, but slightly riské adult getaway before the newborn takes over. Hiking up the Pirineus is probably not on the top of the To-Do lists for this type of vacation, and there are several other things to consider when planning the perfect couples getaway.

Here are our top 5 tips to plan the very best babymoon.

1- Go far, but not long. Or long, but not far. U.S. rules are generally that pregnant women aren’t allowed to fly domestically after 36 weeks. Some international airlines are even stricter with no-fly limitations after 28 weeks. Doctors’ notes may be requested at check-in and companies do have the discretion to deny boarding, for health reasons.

So, there are two schools of thought. Go far, far away very early on in the second trimester (around 12-16 weeks). This means you can finally take that trip to Tokyo or Singapore that you’ve always been dreaming of. Just don’t stay too long. After all, if your belly gets visibly bigger, you may need a new doctor’s note to head back home.

Alternatively, some people prefer to stay closer to home and to stay for longer, especially if you’re closer to the due date – think (24 weeks to 30 weeks). A cabin on Lake Tahoe or a sandcastle on Martha’s Vineyard can be idyllic options that spare you the jet lag. Hunkering down for a few weeks of physical rest and mental relaxation is a sound investment in pre-baby self-care. Just make sure your retreat isn’t too far from a hospital, just in case.

2 – Eating for two. Mythbusters have already squashed the idea that moms should eat double their normal portions, but that doesn’t mean that random cravings aren’t twice as intense. When choosing a babymoon destination, good restaurants with a variety of healthy and hearty food choices will really make or break the deal. Consider locales known to have food that she likes to eat, even if she hasn’t asked for it in a while.

Restaurant meal planning is a must. Check Ubereats and Yelp! to pre-approve nearby eateries. These trips have been known to go even better when there’s a robust 24-hour food delivery or room service option, and a grocery store within walking distance would serve everyone in good stead. 

3 – Bring on the Pampers! No, I don’t mean the diapers – those will come after the baby is born. I mean, bring on the masseuses, waxers, nail technicians, and any other self-care service provider that tickles your fancy. And partners, this isn’t just for mom, it’s for you too! Get your hair cut, edges trimmed, and roots dyed now. You won’t have time later.

If you’ve been meaning to get the kinks rubbed out of your shoulder blades or to botox those frown lines, carpe diem. Make sure that all the attending professionals are aware that one client is expecting a baby, since they may have to change their skin-care products and techniques accordingly. 

4 – Mom sets the pace. These excursions are meant to be relaxing, but not sedentary. To make this work, find the right balance of accessibility. Mom’s tolerance level for physical activity and fatigue will guide the trip. Accommodation with ramps and elevators are a must, but if she chooses to take the steps – no sweat! Double check the weather and make sure that the season won’t be too hot or too cold to fully enjoy the best of outdoor exploring. Fitmamas may still want to hit the gym or take a brisk walk. If the doc says it’s ok, then build it into the trip. Like any other fitness routine, it is best not to break it. Remember, expecting moms are known for bursts of energy and then abruptly seek a siesta. Keep excursions away from hotels to less than an hour, so s

5 – Lounges, not clubs. For most couples, this is going to be the last time that they can get their groove on before the baby comes. A night out dancing is usually on the itinerary, but it can be hard to find a place that feels baby bump appropriate. Cigar bars are off, as are big nightclubs. But, don’t underestimate the alternatives. Open-air lounges and outdoor patios tend to be a hit.

Fresh air abounds, the tunes aren’t too loud, and whenever things get rowdy at the bar you’re already on the right side of the exit. And, although it’d cash out to be a very expensive bottle of orange juice, I recommend that soon-to-parents splurge on a private booth or special table to add a certain level of privacy and romance. After all, this may be the last time you two get one-on-one time and it is best to savor the moment.



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