Head to Aruba for Their “Workation” Program

Head to Aruba for Their “Workation” Program

October 19, 2020 | By Nafeesah Allen

Aruba just has launched a three-month “Workation” program to entice American travelers back to its shores. Like Barbados’ program, visitors to Aruba are not allowed to work in the local economy. But, unlike Barbados, there’s no need to prove remote work or self-employment to book an extended stay in this beautiful country. There are a few things we absolutely love about Aruba’s visa-free “One Happy Workation” set up, including clarity over taxes (you’re not there long enough to be a resident) and the all-inclusive packages that ensure no service surprises. Here are our top 3 reasons to book your Aruba stay now:

Skip flu season:

While the program allows travelers to stay between 7- 90 days, there is every reason to stay up to the max. Three months is a perfect chunk of time to skip the winter. With projections of COVID increasing during cold weather, Aruba allows you to avoid the snow and flee the flu. A winter stay would mean trading in Ann Arbor’s temperature lows of 17 degrees for Aruba’s 76 – 86F spread. There are health requirements to consider and mandatory local health insurance to purchase, but the mental health benefits of leaving your parka in the closet and not having to shovel the driveway should not be underestimated.

Perfect for family reunions:

2020 has wreaked havoc on lots of families’ travel plans and kept people away from loved ones for much longer than expected. A good way to repurpose that time and money is to spend some time together in Aruba. Worker bees need to treat themselves for all their hard work. And, the kids deserve a break from screens and keyboards. Accommodations include resorts with water slides and B&Bs with full kitchens. Our faves are the Casa Safari and Oasis, which boasts monthly stays for up to 6 people at less than $3,000, and Aruba Happy Rentals, which includes entrance to the Butterfly garden and Arikok National Park. Family-friendly is Aruba’s specialty, so there’s something for every member of your household to enjoy. Better still, a quick email to the National Health Service (vetservice@despa.gov.aw) will confirm if you can bring your four-legged friends along too.

No brainer:

The best thing about relocating your workstation to Aruba is that there really is no way to get it wrong. All you have to do is show up. The packages already have coordinated everything from WiFi to ground transportation. No need to walk around with pockets full of coupons, the accommodation you book already has outlined all of the perks you’re entitled to and corresponding vendors automatically apply discounts. They already have pre-mapped itineraries for families, adventure seekers, and culture enthusiasts. There’s even a list of teachers prepared to help you learn the local Dutch creole language, Papiamento. It is rare to find packages this well-coordinated across different components of a country. The hospitality industry, government, health service, and private attractions are all onboard. They’ve simply taken the guesswork out of the entire process, which makes this temporary move a no brainer.

Looking for a different tropical location? Barbados has a similar remote work program.



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