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    8 Days

    December 4-11, 2020

    From $3,300

    Bolivia, a country of contrast. Each scene is new, sparking the imagination, as the story-book pages turn from lush valley to rocky mountain peak. The landscapes are as majestic, serene, stark, and sometimes perplexing as the textiles are vividly colorful. The land and people are deeply enriched by thousands of years of Atacameno, Aymaran, Guarani, and Incan tradition, inviting every guest to feel welcomed at the home of Pachamama.

    Glide through the streets of El Alto and La Paz, bastions of architectural creativity and color set against a swirling dusty background. Taste the culinary delights of Bolivia’s new gastronomy scene, boasting flavors from herbs and spices only found at the highest peaks and the deepest of jungles.

    Visit backstreet markets, the witch’s street, and receive blessings from Aymaran healers, known as Yatiri. Cheer on Cholita luchadoras as they contend for glory in the wrestling ring. Walk through surreal deserts and the Salar de Uyuni, where the landscapes allow your imagination to run as far as the flamingos can fly.

    We have assembled a well-rounded team of Bolivian travel experts who are dedicated to making it easy for you to have the trip of a lifetime. We stay on top of all the trends so you don’t have to spend countless hours online researching a country you’ve never been to. Join us, avoid the tourist traps, and leave the planning behind. Be greeted by a local, and an instant friend; someone who’ll show you the best places to explore, eat, drink and play! That’s the #elcaminotravel way.



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