Go Galavant Traveler FAQs



Do I need my own group to go on a group trip?

Absolutely not! The trips on Go Galavant are designed for you to travel on your own, but not alone. You can definitely book with friends or family, but you can book just for yourself and meet like-minded travelers on your trip. You might even find a new travel squad along the way!



Do I have to pay extra fees with booking on Go Galavant?

A resounding no! Go Galavant’s platform is free to use for travelers. There are no extra fees to make a booking. Just pay your deposit to secure your spot and pay the remaining balance to the trip operator. Taxes may apply. Transactions are made in US dollars, so please check with your financial institution to see if they will charge you for making a booking on our platform.



Why do I pay Go Galavant a deposit and another company for the rest of the trip?

Go Galavant works only with reputable trip operators. We secure your booking with a “deposit”, connect you with the operator, and then you’re able to engage directly with the company responsible for your trip for the remaining payments and additional details. This makes it easier for our operators to manage payment plans, pay upfront fees to secure certain parts of your trip, and manage any changes or cancellations. If at any point you have issues with your experience with an operator, please contact us at team@go-galavant.com 


Is my payment on Go Galavant secure?

Our payments are powered by Stripe and their security systems apply to your payment information. Go Galavant does not store your payment information. 


After I pay my deposit can I get a refund?

Long answer short is it depends. Yes, you can get a refund, minus payment processing fees, if you cancel your booking before the operator confirms your spot. You’ll also get a refund of your deposit if your trip is canceled by the operator, which is rare. Once your deposit is paid and the trip operator confirms your booking, you are subject to the cancellation and refund policies of the operator for any additional payments beyond your deposit. If you simply change your mind or have some emergency that prevents you from traveling, you might be able to convert your payments to bill credits for booking a future trip on Go Galavant, but that’s at the operator’s and Go Galavant’s discretion. We know traveling during these times can be tricky, so reach out to us if you have any questions- team@go-galavant.com 


After I pay my deposit can I change my trip?

Once your deposit is paid and the trip operator confirms your booking, you are subject to the cancellation and refund policies of the operator. Our operators understand the flexibility needed for travel during these times and will work to help find a solution. If your operator agrees, you can transfer your deposit to another trip with the same operator. If you’re looking to book with another operator, the current operator will need to approve your trip cancellation with them in order for your deposit to be transferred to another operator. Go Galavant has the discretion to determine if your deposit is transferable.  


Can I transfer my deposit to someone else?

Sorry, but we’re not able to transfer the booking you made on Go Galavant to someone else. If a refund is due to you, we send payment back to the original form of payment, so we don’t want the wrong person ending up with your money. The trip operator may have different cancellation and refund policies as well. 


What happens if the trip operator cancels my trip?

You’ll be refunded the full deposit you paid and notified as soon as possible. 


Do I need to purchase travel insurance? 

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance as soon as the operator confirms your booking, and some operators require that you purchase travel insurance to travel with them. This will protect your investment in case any situation comes up that prevents you from traveling.

Here are some companies that offer travel insurance: 



Go Galavant is not affiliated with these agencies and companies.


What happens if I can’t travel due to COVID-19 or some similar situation?

If the operator cancels the trip, you’ll get a full refund for your trip cost from Go Galavant and the trip operator. Otherwise, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance to protect your investment. 


What do I need to travel internationally?

We have trips listed for all over the world, but you’re personally responsible for checking things like COVID regulations, travel documents needed, entry fees, vaccinations required, and the general safety of the region, to make sure it’s suitable for you to travel to that specific place. 

For which countries are open for tourists: https://www.kayak.com/travel-restrictions  

For figuring out if a Visa is needed for your destination: https://www.visahq.com/citizens/ 

For vaccinations needed: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel 

Go Galavant is not affiliated with these agencies and companies.


Have any other questions not answered here? Check out our Terms of Use and our Privacy policy. Feel free to also reach out and a team member and we will be happy to help!